Sailor tt-3606e installation manual

Additional Specifications For OLD CAPTAIN - YATCO 1st Deck: Russian sauna Turkish sauna Swimming pool 5580mm x 4400 mm (41.3 m3)Jacuzzi Fitness equipment (Tehnogym – 2 pcs)Washing machines (4 pcs) 2nd Deck: Cabin passenger – 6Cabin crew - 3 3rd Deck: Saloon casino Submarine or motorboat Quardacycle – 2 pcs 4th Deck: Captain bridge Jacuzzi on the top deck Dumwaiter galley – saloon KONE BKGCrew: from 3 up to 10Passengers: 12Saloon crew Sun deck and swimming pool Professional concert studio for musicians Main Engine: MAK, type 6M452Reduced to 1300HP, 450 rpm Consumption – 4224 kg Auxiliary Engine:2x CATERPILLAR marine generator set engine, Model C9 DI-TA288 hp (215 k W) at 1500rpm (suitable for 200 ek W @ 50Hz)Generator Leroy Somer, type LSA M 46.2L9 C 6/4Fuel flow kg/hp Power 100 % - 40,45 Gearbox: Reintjes, type WGV 502, reduction 2,90:1 Propeller: 1x 4 blades, diam.3000 mm Steering Gear: 1x Promac, hydraulic driven, type HSE 120R.2x El. X SAILOR TT-3000EB GMDSS basis system incl. -TT-3026C. 9GHZ search and rescue transponder incl. battery pack, standard bracket and user manual. 6.

Downloads / Cobham-sync Motor ASEA type 100LB 28-4F215 Bow Thruster: 1x electric driven, 88 k W, 1460 rpm, EMOD type SM SRL OIN 250 M/4 Sewage Treatment plant: RWO Marine Water technology Type 1 BIOPURApproved according to IMO-resolution MEPC, 2(VI) USCG accepted. Assembly and Operation Manual. Battery Option for TCU Installation and User Manual - SAILOR 6195. IP Handset TT-3672A/B - Software Release.

VET Providers - Produce Your Own GMDSS Course. - Oily Water Separator: RWO Marine Water technology Type SKIT/S-DEB 0,5IMO Res., MEPC, 107 (49)Capacity 0.5 m3/h Starting Air Compressor: 2x ERVOR-ENVE, Type G5 ()El. TT-3606E Message Terminal simulator,; Thrane&Thrane's SAILOR TT-3020 Inmarsat transceiver. You get our full support with user manuals and helpdesk.

SAILOR TT-3606E MSG TERMINAL G - T I have been using for over one week now, and I am finding it very effective. The SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal stands out as the worlds first. MFHF installation to provide seamless radiotelex communications Features Hh contrast.

SAILOR FleetBroadBand 500 - Network Innovations Type TC3 100/0,5 M Fire pump: 1x PEDROLLO type F50/250B Q 300-1000 1/min H 72-59 m El. The Cobham SAILOR 500 FleetBroadband is the Flagship of the market leading. adapto; FBB500 User & Installation Manuals; CDROM w/ SW and Manuals.

TT-3606E Message Terminal new or Air Condition Plant: 60.5 k W of total capacity1x GEOKLIMA S. Main Switchboard: 5 panels of distribution of the electric power from generators to consumers. Transformer power lowering: 3x 100 k VA 380/220 V 250 A. motor WEG type Frl132M 7.5 k W, 3x50 Hz, 380 V Deck Crane (FWD): Marine Crane HEILA, Type M 3/ (2A series) with Fluid Power System „PARAMA FLUID”060601-L-0125. Motor TECNOMOTORI type MC132M47.5 k W, 3x50 Hz, 400 V Deck Crane (AFT): Marine Crane HEILA, Type RM 35/2S with Fluid Power System „PARAMA FLUID”060601-L-0133. motor TECNOMOTORI type LJ200L430k W, 3x50 Hz, 400V System Includes: Antenna, Turning Unit with integrally fitted Transceiver, Hh Resolution Color 340 Flat Panel Monitor (23"), Radar Processor Unit, memory card map storage and keyboard w\trackball control. SAILOR TT3606E Message Terminal for GMDSS This is the SAILOR TT3606E Message Terminal for GMDSS including Handling Software in English language.

Fugro Synergy Fugro Synergy motor WEG type AL-100L-4; 2.2 k W Fresh Water Generator: RWO Marine Water technology Type SW RO 6Max flow 0.5 m3/h. Water cooled Chiller Type VHH-B 150/66/TP/SD2x Clima Tech, Type TW 3 P3B Lay a diesel engine-generator: type LCB-225-L/4 56k W, 3x380 V, 500r.p.m. Utilizing our core drilling knowledge and experience, we can install and construct the. 1 Manual 21/16” ID @ 5,000 psi. Mud System. Sailor TT-3606E.

TM 55-5830-283-10 - Liberated Manuals Sailor MF/HF Control Unit, Model Number HC4500. Sailor Printer. Thrane and Thrane, TT-10202 Message Handling Software, Operators Guide. Clicking on the hyperlink takes the user to the cited reference within the.

Inmarsat C simulator GMDSS - In the Simulator the equipment used is a Thrane &Thrane SAILOR TT-3020 transceiver 2 with a Thrane &Thrane SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal 1.

TracPhone F55/F77 Installation Manual - KVH Standard dome, follow the instructions in Section 3 of the Installation Manual to. The TT-3084A Sailor Fleet77 meets the voice requirements of IMO Resolution.

Additional Specifications For OLD CAPTAIN - YATCO
Downloads / Cobham-sync
VET Providers - Produce Your Own GMDSS Course. -
<strong>SAILOR</strong> <strong>TT-3606E</strong> MSG TERMINAL G - T
<i>SAILOR</i> FleetBroadBand 500 - Network Innovations
<i>TT-3606E</i> Message Terminal new or
Fugro Synergy Fugro Synergy
TM 55-5830-283-10 - Liberated <strong>Manuals</strong>

Sailor tt-3606e installation manual:

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