Original hirobo shuttle manual

Nitro Helicopter eBay My grandfather recently passed away and left me his 25 year old hirobo shuttle. Raptor Hirobo 30 Size Nitro Helicopter Sport Silencer Exhaust Fit SC OS Engines. good condition hirobo shuttle,engine runs but i have not flown the heli,all servos have been set up by local. Complete with instructions carb but no glow plug or muffler, as is the norm. Aln 600 Nitro RC Helicopter Orinal Canopy.

Hirobo shuttle plus manual - YouTube I has only flown once because the starter belt snapped and he never got around to replacing it. Hirobo shuttle plus, rc helicopter with futaba gy401/9253 and gov-1 - Duration. Adam Borz 167 views · · Hirobo Shuttle Orinal nitro.

Hirobo Shuttle Plus Manual - YouTube I wanted to know if anybody can tell me what i need to get this thing running. Hirobo shuttle Orinal nitro gas RC helicoptero #2 - Duration. Israel Ovalle 7,915 views ·. Hirobo Shuttle RC Helicopter practise.

RealFlht Glossary On my shuttle, which is about 18 years hold, I ended up reconfuring the heli to top start. For information on the latter two controllers, please see the manuals that came. With "solid axle" heads as used in the Hirobo Shuttle helicopters, among others. As with the orinal RealFlht programs, the sounds are Doppler-correct.

Hirobo Shuttle build manual I need to know the type of glow fuel the rotor setup as i was told there is sohing wrong with the rotors by a hobbyshop owner and anything elsei may need to know. ORINAL. HELICOPTER. ASSEMBLY AND. I ll'QEIEfier C 033353? '5 Elk i 'G. J 35%;; 'Cfiu' IELBEU$€U° fitc' r£§®k s 'r r M clel z zx zxx. _ ~ \,-._ ~ - 5*.

Hirobo shuttle Orinal nitro gas RC helicoptero #2 - YouTube It uses an old FP-G154 futaba gyro Fp-R107N radio 6ch on the 60Mhz band with a 60.2Mhz crystal. Hirobo shuttle first start since i bought it on yard sale.

Vintage RC Helicopters - Hirobo Shuttle All the electronics work, only issue is the engine. by the way, Sataba is South African futaba, as he lived in SA where i was born Jared, The starting belt was a definite curse on holder shuttle. Hirobo Shuttle build manual - 1985 Orinal Shuttle with parts list. Hirobo Shuttle beginners review - 1985 'beginners' review from RC Helicopters.

Hirobo Shuttle 30 Helicopter - YouTube Hirobo Shuttle Orinal nitro gas helicoptero - Duration. Israel Ovalle 2,016 views · · Hirobo Shuttle DFC, homebuilt servo tray.

Nitro Helicopter eBay
<strong>Hirobo</strong> <strong>shuttle</strong> plus <strong>manual</strong> - YouTube
<em>Hirobo</em> <em>Shuttle</em> Plus <em>Manual</em> - YouTube

Original hirobo shuttle manual:

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