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Full manual for Sonalysts Dangerous Waters - Each vessel's detailed cluster of instruments and capabilities can be monitored entirely by the player or assned to the computer AI to handle all or a select few operations. Dangerous Waters also includes a dynamic, randomly generated campan with the option for players to create their own missions with the built-in scenario editor. Dangerous Waters by US Navy contractor Sonalysts, Inc. is the most complex. The game features full player control of seven platforms Akula II, 688I, Seawolf.

Dangerous Waters Download 2005 Simulation More than 270 surface, submarine, and air units from 17 navies have been recreated using actual data from the U. In addition to the campan, the game features a series of single or quick missions that pits different nations against one another for supremacy over the hh seas. In addition to the campan, the game features a series of single or quick missions. IMHO, the manual is absolutely essential to mastering Dangerous Waters.

S. C. S. Dangerous Waters - PC - N Both cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes are supported for up to 32 players, allowing friends to command different crew stations from within the same ship or challenge each other to all-out naval warfare. N is the Dangerous Waters PC resource with reviews, s, videos, trailers. Help us solve the toughest or most puzzling game puzzles and challenges.

Submarine game Dangerous Waters review and screenshots - Dangerous Waters is an ultra realistic naval simulation. This game boasts seven playable platforms that include air, surface, and. with them but this isn't true with the manual for Dangerous Waters.

Dangerous Waters Review - GameSpot In Dangerous Waters, cooperative and head-to-head multiplayer modes allow controllable submarine, surface, and air platforms to battle it out in the definitive naval combat experience. There's enough in Dangerous Waters to keep even the most. spiral-bound manual included with the deluxe version of the game does an.

Downloads - SubGuru Players can also command a platform on their own in multiplayer, or collaborate with multiple players in "Multi-station Mode" as they each operate individual stations and strive to work together as a team on the SAME platform. Landlubbers Survival Guide for Dangerous Waters, v0.6 by Smaragdadler. You need SCSoundEdit to modify the files of the game and the submarines.

Dangerous Waters - pedia Dangerous Waters is a naval combat simulation that has players controlling 12 types of submarines, frates, helicopters, and planes. Dangerous Waters, also known as S. C. S. Dangerous Waters, is a 2005 naval warfare simulation game developed by. A 90-page printed manual was included in the box consisting of the first four sections of the 570 page manual, plus appendices, with the full manual as a PDF. "S. C. S. Dangerous Waters - PC - Review".

Danerous waters pc game manual:

Rating: 94 / 100

Overall: 92 Rates

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